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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  December 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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what have you learned? >> i became reacquainted with a phrase from "catcher in the rye." [ speaking in other language ] after watching that interview with huelskamp nothing has changed. >> i didn't realize there were people in congress who went there with completely fixed ideas and totally unwilling to compromise. >> well, we are in a divided government, in a constitutional republic. james madison, our founding fathers gave it to us. that's what you work in. >> yay, pensacola. >> one more reason why you need to come to pensacola, to florida right now. this weather is horrible. >> go to pensacola.
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you'll be glad you did. mika? >> it's been a wonderful year. chris cillizza is on the rundown. >> i need the fix. the fix is next. the fix is in for chuck todd straight ahead. have a great one. house of blues. speaker boehner's plan b gets busted by his own members. now everyone is leaving town for christmas. will there be a big new year's resolution for congress? jersey sure. one of the nation's most high profile mayors says he wants to go to washington. is cory booker a shoe-in to be the next senator from new jersey? and one week after the tragedy in newtown, a moment of silence will be marked this morning after 9:30 and echoed across the country to pay tribute to the victims in a community still in shock. good morning from washington. it's friday, december 21st, 2012, and this is "the daily rundown. i'm chris cillizza in today for chuck todd.
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we start with speaker boehner's stunning defeat last night. his own party pulling the rug out from under him with just 11 days to go before we go over the fiscal cliff. boehner and his team spent the better part of the week trying to round up support for his plan b to avoid the cliff but in the end there weren't enough republicans willing to pass it. so at 7:45 last night the speaker convened house republicans, said a prayer, broke the news, and sent everyone home for the holidays. the majority leader eric canter relayed the news to reporters. >> no vote today? >> no. >> will there be a vote tomorrow? >> no. >> are you ditching plan b? will there be a vote today? >> no. >> what happened tonight, mr. cantor? >> a statement from boehner came almost simultaneously. he said the house did not take up the tax measure today because it did not have sufficient support from our members to
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pass. now it is up to the president to work with senator reid on legislation to avert the fiscal cliff. the speaker is expected to speak to reporters at 10:00 a.m. eastern today. now keep in mind last night's vote wasn't for any kind of bipartisan deal. it was vote for a deal boehner, himself, put together to set the tax threshold, that is people who would be exempt, at a million dollars, and give republicans leverage in negotiati negotiations with the white house. that obviously did not work. retiring ohio congressman steve latourest said conservative members simply wouldn't bend. were there any pleas by other members to encourage them to go along with this vote? >> no. i mean, we've been doing that for two years with these people. and all they -- they become martyrs. you know, they become martyrs in the eyes of these extreme groups in our conference. yeah.
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there are people who respond when club for growth, heritage action, freedom march starts pounding them with robocalls, sure. >> are you disappointed? >> disappointed. it's unbelievable. this is horrible. >> kansas conservative congressman tim hoel's camp was among those that opposed the bill. afterwards he seemed almost giddy about boehner's defeat saying, and i quote, republicans should not be forced to vote for a show bill that asks us to compromise on our principle. he then made it clear, politics weren't the only thing in play, at least for him, adding, on a separate note, republican leadership thought they could silence conservatives when they kicked us off of our committees. i'm glad that enough of my colleagues refused to back down after the threats and intimidation, thus preventing the conference from abandoning our principles. over on the senate side, an aide to minority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky waited this morning telling nbc's first read, quote, dems did a great job of killing plan b. i sure hope they have a plan c.
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of course, plan b never had a shot of passing the senate anyway. harry reid alluded to that in a statement he released last night and said, boehner is still key to a deal, despite what happened. here's reid. speaker boehner's partisan approach wasted an entire week and pushed middle-class families closer to the edge. the only way to avoid the cliff all together is for speaker boehner to return to negotiations and work with president obama and the senate to forge a bipartisan deal. lots going on and we are covering it all at both ends of pennsylvania avenue. kelly o'donnell's nbc capitol hill correspondent, and nbc's peter alexander joins us live from the white house. kelly, i want to start with you. wow, was there a lot of drama on capitol hill last night. i am interested, where do we go from here? the house is now in adjournment until christmas. boehner with a 10:00 a.m. press conference today. what do we expect him to say, kelly, and what's next? >> well, the signal we expect from the speaker is to say he is
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ready to move on now. they tried this. he was ultimately trying to send a message that republicans would go along with some tax increases in order to move the president. it was a show vote in the sense it was never going to become law. but it was intended to shape the debate and maybe to give him more leverage in trying to get the best deal possible. now, the republicans who wouldn't go along in part because it's in their dna to oppose any increase on taxes even for the 0.2%, but also because they were concerned that they be on the record for making this vote going for higher taxes without having the spending cuts that they say is the real answer to the long-term deficit problem. so boehner will say it's in the hands of the president and the senate run by democrats to come up with a plan that they believe can actually pass. he will say that he did his part. now they need to do theirs. it's part of the maneuvering and it certainly is difficult for boehner, who in every way you look at this publicly took a real beating. personally it'll be a test for
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how he can move forward and have any real ability to convey leadership at a time when his own party really hung him out to dry. >> and, peter, i will say i was surprised when i saw that they didn't even bring the vote up, bring it up for a vote, plan b up for a vote. was the white house surprised? what is their reaction today? >> well, i just spoke to some officials within the white house a matter of minutes ago, chris. in their words, we were stunned. i think they even anticipated this wouldn't go the way it didden up going last night and they describe it as a fluid situation today with meetings going on inside the building behind me right now as they try to establish exactly what the strategy will be going forward today. it was late yesterday evening, just a short time after it was determined that there would be no plan b vote for the house, that the press secretary jay carney put out a statement. it was i think you could say a lot more restrained in tone than some of his remarks had been just earlier in the day when he referred to the plan b effort as, quote, a multi day exercise
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in futility but now the conversation turns to what the president does do going forward. that statement also indicated the white house was hopeful it would be able to create some bipartisan deal before the end of the year. at this point it is unclear exactly what happened and whether the president will be here through the holiday or whether he ends up joining his family in hawaii. >> an amazing night and day. peter alexander, kelly o'donnell, thank you for giving us some perspective on it. some house republicans were visibly upset by last night's maneuvering and expressed both sadness and frustration on behalf of speaker john boehner. let's bring in nbc's senior political editor mark murray for our first read on politics. mark, we talked about, with kelly, and with peter, sort of the policy implication. let's talk about the political implications here. john boehner put himself out there. on wednesday he said, in a press, short press conference, he said, we are going to pass this and it is going to be in the presence. not only did they not pass it,
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it didn't even come for a vote. the speaker vote on whether john boehner remains speaker is january 3rd. should he worry about his chances there? >> there are a lot of moving parts on whether or not he is going to hold his speakership. two things ended up happening last night. one house republicans lost a lot of leverage in this debate. they didn't have a whole lot going into it but they lost whatever they had. now if there is going to be any kind of deal either now or after december 31st, it's going to be done with a substantial of house democrats and that really takes away a lot of the bargaining chips that house republicans played. but the bigger result of last night was a loss of republican leadership. that goes straight to exactly the question on john boehner. and there is maybe the question that can anyone end up leading the republican party right now, the house republicans? however, the fact that you couldn't get republicans to line up for this leaves the question, what can they end up voting for? and that is the really big takeaway from last night. >> you know, what is clear, you're exactly right. he wanted this. he made clear it was personal and important for him
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politically to be able to cut some kind of deal and have some kind of leverage with president obama and he still didn't get it. >> and, chris, it was over a tactic or a pr move just to gain leverage. >> right. >> this was not a health care law of 2010. >> right. right. i want to talk about, because it is -- in the midst of that remarkable story unfolding, two other interesting things happened in politics yesterday. we have a potential return of former south carolina governor mark sanford to politics and we have cory booker who has waited for a long time to say what he is doing, the mayor of newark, telling us what he is doing. give us a quick update on both. >> mark sanford is planning to run for tim scott's house seat that has now been vacated which would one make a possible political comeback for mark sanford which would be unbelievable. it is also just adding more that south carolina is the best state for american politics going on in the country right now. the other news -- >> just quickly to note this is the seat he held. >> correct. >> before he became governor and before everything happened. so he does have a base in the
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seat. i don't know if people will still vote for him. >> it's a crowded primary too. the other news as you mentioned cory booker released a video yesterday. one touting all his accomplishments as newark mayor. but, two, essentially ruling out that he would run for new jersey governor, but three opening up the possibility he could run for new jersey senator in 2014. the problem is frank lautenberg who currently holds the seat has not retired yet. >> there is a democrat sitting there. >> yesterday frank lautenberg's office released a hot statement saying frank lautenberg is focused on big things. the tragedy in connecticut, gun safety, the hurricane sandy that he is focused on. he is not worried about politics. if you read that statement it was kind of a slap to cory booker. don't think about politics right now. >> no question. mark murray, thank you. >> thanks, chris. it was the night before cliff-mas and all through the house was anything stirring? washington and wall street are bracing to go over the cliff. we're breaking down what it means for the economy next.
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and later this hour a moment of silence to honor the victims at sandy hook. we'll bring that to you live. and you can see from his schedule the president will also be observing that moment of silence at 9:30 a.m. eastern. you're watching "the daily rundown only on msnbc. victor! victor! i got your campbell's chunky soup. mom? who's mom? i'm the giants mascot. the giants don't have a mascot! ohhh! eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup has tasty pieces of chicken with rice and beans. hmmm. for giant hunger! thanks mom! see ya! whoaa...oops! mom? i'm ok. grandma? hi sweetie! she operates the head. [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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i think this is a big deal. and if i, yeah. i mean if i was heavily invested which i'm not because i am poor but if i was i would be nervous about my money tonight. >> the fears expressed by congressman latourette of ohio last night are clearly felt on wall street this morning. futures have been down sharply all morning as investors fear a deal on fiscal cliff may have slipped away. joining me now john harwood cnbc's chief washington correspondent and political
6:16 am
writer for the "new york times" and nancy cook, economics correspondent for the national journal. okay. wow. a big night last night. john, let's talk about the impact on the economy. this is not the debt ceiling. this is not sort of our credit rating will immediately drop. but wall street seemed to have thought for a while that, okay. they're going to talk and talk. >> so did i. >> and i did too. a deal is in the offing. now that a deal may not be in the offing, what's the impact on the economy, broadly? >> well, we saw the market futures go down last night. we expect a down day in the markets today. the decline hasn't been quite as steep as some people expected. but you do see a potential hit for confidence if it's not worked out. it's not set that we're not going to -- that we're going over the cliff. in fact, i think there is a significant chance that either a medium deal or a very minimalist deal just kicking the can down the road for a couple months passes. but i do think that the more
6:17 am
times we have these near death experiences with the political system not functioning the less confidence markets are going to have in our government. >> nancy, dow futures are down almost 200 points. 198 points. >> yes. >> if there is -- as john points out, it's not great but it's not 700 points. >> right. >> if it moves 300, 400, can we expect a reaction? does this say to congress, the white house, okay. we really have to do something because the market is tenuous on this? or is it still kind of a fare thee well it'll be fine, we'll make something happen? i think the more and more economic pressure there is from wall street the more likely it is that we can get a deal. but, you know, there have been a bunch of ceos that have been in town circulating around the hill and meeting with the president to talk about trying to get a deal. and that so far hasn't necessarily worked. and so i think what the markets want is just some sense of certainty, some sense of a deal, and i think that, you know, the more, closer we get to new
6:18 am
year's the more pressure there will be. >> to be clear, because both of you know more about this than me, but john i want to ask you. the markets and sort of the business world, any deal is sort of okay with them. fair or not fair? >> yes. >> they just want something. >> they want something that they can say, they can plan around. >> right. >> by and large, the business community is closer to the democratic position as is the american public. and the question is going to be, if we in fact see a hit to the economy, see a hit to market confidence, see a decline in the u.s. reputation around the world. >> right. >> how is that pain absorbed within the body politic and how does that force a solution? republicans are on the short side of this argument. the question is whether the house republican party is responsive to that pick. >> and more so now. i mean, i always said john boehner didn't have a lot of bargaining power before. he has none. he has basically acknowledged he has none by saying okay. it's up to harry reid and president obama. mitch mcconnell. because there is nothing left for me to do here. i want to read something in "the
6:19 am
wall street journal" op-ed about who is to blame in this. here is what they said. to put this in raw political terms mr. boehner offered a break, offered to break a core gop principle on taxes and mr. obama offered him nothing he could take back to his rank and file in return. instead he has treated the talks as an extension of the election campaign traveling around the country at rally style events at which he berates republicans for not accepting his terms of surrender. grant gave lee more at appomatt appomattox. okay. civil war comparison. is it possible -- jonathan mentioned polling suggests if we go over the fiscal cliff republicans will bear the brunt of the blame. i spoke to some republican strategists who say that is not true and ultimately that will change because president obama is the president of the united states. possible or not possible? >> i don't think it's possible. polling has shown over the last year that congressional disapproval of congress is at an all time high so i feel like if we go over the cliff congress is going to get blamed and the
6:20 am
people right now that are holding up the deal in congress are the house republicans. also the house republicans are not even unified on their own position. they can't even sort of get together as we saw last night. they can't even get together as a caucus and say, this is what we want. >> quick prediction, john, and then nancy. do we get some kind of deal before december 31st? >> yes. >> nancy? >> yes. >> what does that deal look like, john? small, medium, or large in terms of its scope and the depth and breadth? >> i still think a medium to large deal is possible but i think the greatest odds are that you have something smaller, short term, that does the fix, extends unemployment benefits, puts off the sequester a month and most of the tax debate for a month. the question is would the administration buy off on a one-month extension of all the tax rates? i doubt it. >> especially because they're in a pretty shrunk bargaining position. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> up next, mitch mcconnell touts new poll numbers on his potential opponent ashley judd. john kerry hasn't given up his
6:21 am
senate seat yet but the list of people who want it keeps getting longer. but first, today's trivia question. i came up with this one myself. name all four 20th century presidents who played varsity college football. tweet us at daily rundown. the first correct answer will get a follow friday. that answer and more is coming up on the daily rundown. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. amber lipson and marcy and paul kingman started north carolina based foot steps clothing which had a booming christmas theme pajama line. not wanting to be just a seasonal business they added other holidays and eventually expanded to products that celebrate family life. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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6:25 am
in the bay state. it also shows governor patrick and senator scott brown with the highest favorability numbers in the state at 60% and 58% respectively. brown leads 47 to 39 against a generic democrat in a hypothetical race to replace kerry. actress and native kentuckyian ashley judd has not decided if she'll run for u.s. senate in 2014 but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell already has numbers that are turning heads. his campaign conducted internal polling showing judd narrowly trails mcconnell by just four points. the campaign also singled out some of judd's statements and positions on things like coal, abortion, and obama care. they believe will hurt her chances in the solidly red blue grass state. their numbers show mcconnell's lead shooting up to 20 points after people found out that information. former nebraska senator chuck haggle's position on gay rights is, quote, unacceptable according to the human rights campaign. the organization is the latest group to speak out against the
6:26 am
former senator who is being considered by president obama for defense secretary. in a statement the human rights campaign said it is, quote, critically important that the new secretary of defense is supportive of open service, lesbian and gay military families, and the community as a whole. we're moments away from a moment of silence in newtown, connecticut and around the country. we'll pause to honor the victims at sandy hook elementary one week ago. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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6:30 am
toll 26 times. tens of thousands of churches say they also plan to ring their bells at 9:30 this morning. more than a dozen governors are calling for moments of silence in their own states. president obama will observe the moment in private. there will be no press conference as he marks this very somber occasion. you're looking live at governor daniel malloy of connecticut.
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[ bells ringing ] >> we honor those precious ones by doing all we can to end violen violence.
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[ bell ringing ]
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>> that was connecticut governor daniel malloy marking a moment of silence for the 26 victims of the newtown, connecticut shooting. nbc's ron mott is live in newtown this morning on a somber and sad day for connecticut and the nation. ron? >> hey there, chris. good morning. obviously a very somber day here as you mentioned in connecticut. across this country as the 26 people who lost their lives last friday were being remembered with these tolling of the bells, not just here at connecticut but around the country as well and for a lot of people time simply stopped last friday and hasn't moved in a lot of ways. it is still 9:30, december 14th. for so many family is here and so many friends of those
6:39 am
families that are sharing such anguish and such a sense of loss and senselessness at the whole situation last week just up the road here with those 20 young children, those six adults who lost their lives in such a brutal way last week. now, some churches around the country have decided to add a 27th bell toll and a 28th bell toll in memory of the family of the lanza family, nancy lanza, the mother of adam lanza, as well. but a lot of these folks, they know that time will eventually heal all the wounds. at this moment, though, they are finding that it is going to take a sense of community, a sense of bringing everyone together as time goes forward. a lot of these cameras will eventually go away and a sense of normalcy, whatever that is, it will not be the same as it was before 9:30 last friday but the bad days that they have experienced over the past week, certainly there will be some sad days ahead. but they are also looking forward to happier moments that this community, a lot of folks moved here for those happy, every day moments that they are
6:40 am
now no longer taking for granted here and around the country, chris. >> absolutely. thanks, ron. and we'll be right back. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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[ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. in the next hour national rifle association executives will face reporters for the first time since the mass shooting at sandy hook. wayne laperriere the ceo of the organization is expected to outline some of the meaningful contributions mentioned in the statement by the nra earlier this week. president obama weighed in with a web address on the topic this morning. >> if we're going to succeed it's going to take a sustained effort from mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, law enforcement and responsible gun owners organizing, speaking up, calling their members of congress as many times as it takes, standing up and saying, enough on behalf of all of our kids. >> nbc national investigative correspondent michael isikoff
6:44 am
joins me now from the site of the nra press briefing. mike, what do we expect to hear from wayne laperriere? obviously a very sort of brief statement released earlier in the week. any indication what he is going to say and how? >> well, i think we got one indication just a few moments ago when david keen the president of the nra came out and asked everybody assembled to join in that moment of silence for the victims of newtown. i think that is a recognition that the nra realizes that this is a major moment in which the public is engaged on this issue in a way it never has before. the specter of innocent children being killed by a deranged gunman really has changed the debate. i think we'll hear a much more conciliatory tone from the nra, talk about how nra owners and gun owners -- nra members and gun owners grieve just as much as any other american for the victims of newtown and then some talk about how it wants to make
6:45 am
a meaningful contribution, wants to be part of the discussion, work with the congress and the white house to fashion some solutions. but i'd be very surprised if we see any concessions on the big ticket items, assault weapons, high capacity magazines, gun show loopholes, these have been major issues for the nra over the years and they haven't compromised to date and i'd be very surprised if we see them compromise now. >> thank you. michael isikoff, a reminder. wayne laperriere the ceo of the nra will appear with david gregory on "meet the press" this sunday. joining me now for friday's gaggle, roll reporter, sherry, democratic pollster fred yang and sarah taylor, cnbc contributor and political director in the george w. bush white house. thank all. let's start -- that was not just as a connecticut native but as a father, that was a somber and difficult to watch moment. is it a tipping point, sarah?
6:46 am
we've been through events similar to this before with gun violence. >> sure. >> and talk from politicians on both sides that now is the time we need to do something. do we do something? because as mike points out, the nra isn't likely to say okay. assault weapons ban sounds fine. is this a moment or just one of the many times? >> well, i think the site of little caskets makes this a different moment than colorado or columbine. >> yes. >> that said, on all the major publications in this country over the week you have seen study after study from universities like ucla to harvard. not exactly bastions of conservativism that point out that these assault weapons bans, gun control does not solve the problem. this is not just an issue of the nra and where the nra sits on
6:47 am
issues. gun crime is down. violent crime is down. these mass shootings are up. what is the x factor here? is it the guns or is it something else? there is strong evidence that points to something else. >> i would add all three guns used in the shooting purchased legally. connecticut has some of the most strict gun laws in the country. >> they do. >> fred, you've polled for many years on this and many other topics. the numbers on gun control broadly not speaking the last two weeks but broadly suggest the country is -- would prefer less strictures rather than more to enforce what we have rather than more. we've seen the numbers change a little bit. is this an upward trend or not? >> i don't know. i think the jury is still out on this, chris. i think in terms of this, is this a tipping point moment, it is, but it all depends on what it is. is it a tipping point moment where the congress and the president moved in one direction? >> right.
6:48 am
>> is it a tipping point moment from the nra in terms of its image with the public? i mean, as sara said, the images from last week and this week are indelibly imprinted. i don't think we know what kind of tipping point this is. >> now i want to shift gears with the recognition that it's almost impossible to shift gears from that topic. >> right. >> but i do want to talk about what is an amazing political story just in terms of the drama of politics. last night john boehner 24 hours after saying we're going to pass this and put it to the president, they can't even bring the bill on his proposal, this plan b proposal on the fiscal cliff, they can't even bring it up. how much does it say about the republican -- let's limit it to house republicans. is this inmates controlling the asylum? does john boehner have control of his group of republicans or not? >> not on this issue and not on this bill obviously. he didn't have the votes to bring it to the floor to pass. it is a problem.
6:49 am
but this has been something that has been going on for at least a cycle with this caucus. he has had a lot of trouble controlling it. this is not a new thing and not frankly his first fairly humiliating defeat in this kind of thing right before christmas might i add. >> sara, from your perspective, what can you do? is this a changed republican party from five years or ten years ago where if the republican speaker of the house said we're going to pass this, you may not all love it but i'm the speaker and we need this, would it have gotten done five or ten years ago? take boehner out of the equation. >> sure. five years ago i think it would have gotten done. >> what changed? >> we have a more conservative republican caucus. and, you know, i think that this was a situation where maybe boehner erred a little bit in not putting a huge spending reduction in that package that would have allowed some additional members to be comfortable enough to get it over the finish line. >> right.
6:50 am
>> so the problem with this debate is we're really still talking relatively small ball on both sides. >> right. >> one to one revenue. >> right. >> pointing to run revenue cut. it is not going to fix the problem. that is why republicans aren't going to take the hit. >> one other thing i note is, you know, the last 48 hours not with standing, it doesn't feel like where details are that far apart. >> here is the irony for republicans who voted or rebuked boehner last night. we're going to have a worse deal. republicans should have voted for this and they'd have ended up with tax increases on people making over 500 or 600, a better deal than we'll end up with. >> fred, we overlook president obama in all of this but what does he -- >> i think he has to be overlooked right now. >> what does he do? now there isn't really a republican -- there is no republican leader to deal with. how does he craft -- i guess mitch mcconnell. how does he craft a deal?
6:51 am
for something, for it to become law, he can talk to harry reid all he wants. >> politically it is good for democrats, for the country, i mean, we got to get something done. >> we'll be right back. before we go, trivia time, we asked you to name all four 20th century presidents that played varsity, the keyword, varsity college football. gerald ford, ronald reagan, richard nixon, dwight eisenhower, and jfk played junior varsity. the white house soup of the day, shrimp and corn chowder. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time.
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live pictures inside the national cathedral in washington, d.c. where a funeral service for senator daniel
6:55 am
inouye, a democrat of hawaii is set to begin in about half an hour. the vice president, the president, and senator harry reid are all expected to speak. let's bring back our panel and on a very different topic. political comebacks, always a second act in politics. mark sanford, the former governor of south carolina making good on that, indicating that yes, indeed, he wants to run in the special election and a seat i would add that his former, his ex-wife also are you mail order to be interested in. i can't wonder what that will be like. >> interesting christmas. we have seen this before occasionally where you have a husband and ex-wife run against each other in a primary and very rare and none at the level of this with a national scandal like the one sanforden do you reside. he looks like he is going for it. jenni sanford e-mailed one of
6:56 am
our roll call reporters to let us know she is interested, too and it could happen. >> merry christmas and happy new year, fred, your shameless plug. >> my family wishing all of us and all of you a merry christmas. >> i think on this somber day you have to keep the people of newtown in your thoughts. >> yes. >> happy holidays to my mom and sister. see them soon. >> i would say my shameless plug is for my wife giha who keeps it altogether for me and has a birthday tomorrow. tune in. john boehner at 10 a.m. a press conference the day after his plan on the fiscal cliff went down. that is it for this edition of the daily rundown. we'll be back next week. until then, heal holidays from all of us at the daily rundown and coming up next, it is chris jansing and company.
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good morning. i am chris jansing. this


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